How To Fly With A Baby Without Making Everyone, Including You, Crazy — Series #2


Does the thought of flying with your little one give you anxiety? It does for most parents! That’s why we’re bringing you this series —  so that you’ll be prepared and the trip will be a whole lot less scary. After all, who doesn’t want compliments at the end of a long flight from surrounding travelers instead of a horror story to share on Facebook?!

First, if you didn’t get a chance to read it yet, be sure to go check out our first post in the series: How To Fly With A Baby Without Making Everyone, Including You, Crazy — Series #1  It will help you plan out what items to bring so that you’ll be set up for success!

Now we’ll give tips for what to pack into your items for the flight to make sure everything goes smoothly, even if unexpected things come up along the way!

The first thing you’re going to want to do is sit down a few weeks before your flight and come up with a Flight Packing List. As you know, babies require a lot of things, and you do not want to get on board and realize that in the scramble you’re missing snacks or a change of clothes! Each baby is unique, as well, so use the following suggestions to formulate your own list, but don’t forget to bring the favorite items along that will keep your little one happy and content, like the pacifier, favorite animal, or blankies!

Diaper Bag — Since the Lillybit Diaper Bag has a large opening and several different pouches, it’s perfect for bringing on plane rides! Here are the items you want to be sure to bring inside of it!

  • Diapers — but not as many as you think. Obviously you’ll want to bring diapers along, however, make sure that you only put as many as you imagine you’ll be using during the flight plus 2 extras (don’t panic, we’ll cover this logic later on).
  • Wipes — Pick up one of the small refills or travel size packs with the lids built in so that you save space not trying to shove that large plastic box inside.
  • One Change of Clothes For You & Baby — Spit up, spilled treats, blowouts, and sickness can wreck more than just baby’s outfit, so have one complete change of clothes available for both of you inside the diaper bag. Pick something like a sundress for you and a sleeper or onesie for baby and roll them up to save space.
  • New Toys — This well known trick is common for good reason. Pick just a few age appropriate items to bring along for your little one to be distracted with. You know your baby best so pick out whatever toys they’re into at the time. New books are a wonderful distraction as well, and if you can get a Busy Book , a Touchy-Feely Book, or a personalized book with pictures of them in it that’s even better and will keep them distracted quietly for a long time. A word of caution though, avoid anything that makes sounds. Listening to a rattle bang around or “Wheels on the Bus” for 3 hours straight will definitely drive everyone, including you, crazy, and that’s what we’re trying to avoid!
  • Non-Toy Items — Sometimes the things that will most distract your little one will be non-toy items that they’re usually not allowed to play with. If they’re old enough for it, bring along disinfectant wipes or give them a baby wipe to “clean” everything around them. The tray, windows, them, you, anything within reach is fair game! This will keep them entertained for a surprisingly long time, and gives the added bonus of getting rid of some of those gross germs on the trays! Letting them play with your keys, or a pen and paper (carefully supervised) are also usual “no no’s” that will keep them happy for ages. Another trick is to let them take pictures with your phone or have them watch you taking pictures (in plane mode, of course) and then showing it to them. This also works with pictures you have already taken. Babies absolutely love looking at pictures of themselves and their families and this is an amazing and easy time waster!
  • Snacks & Food — Unless you’re still nursing exclusively (in which case this part is easy and you just need your pillow and cover) be sure to bring plenty of food and snacks! Plan on feeding your baby mostly during the flight(s), and not during layovers, even if it isn’t normal eating times. Eating is a great time wasting distraction, so deviate from your normal rules and give them as much pureed fruit and crackers and cheerios that they will eat and be happy with! Check the most recent policy on liquids, but most airlines make an exception for formula and baby food.
  • Wallet, keys, phones, boarding passes. — since this will be your main carry on item that you have access to we recommend just placing your items into the diaper bag as well. As we mentioned airlines don’t usually count diaper bags towards your carry on quota, but life will be much easier for you if it’s the only thing (other than your baby) that you have to haul onto the plane!

Carry On — You remember that we recommend bringing a small, rolling suitcase for your carry on item, and then checking it at the gate. Because of this you’ll be able to fit in lots of extras just in case you run into any problems on the flight or if your main luggage gets lost.

  • Several changes of clothes — pack 2 to 3 changes of clothes for you and baby, along with at least one set of jammies for both of you as well
  • Extra Diapers & Wipes inside of your LillyBit Diaper ClutchHere’s where you’ll stash your extra diaper & wipes, don’t go overboard, however, just include the amount that fits inside the clutch. Once you reach your destination go and purchase diapers and wipes and store them in your room and refill the clutch and/or diaper bag as needed. Having the clutch makes those quick trips much easier during your vacation, and that way you only have to bring the fully stocked diaper bag along for all day trips or the flight!
  • Critical Items — if you have a birthday party, wedding, or anything else you’ll be attending the first few days of your trip be sure to pack them in here!

With these items taken care of your flight should be smooth and successful! Do you have any tricks for flying or did we forget something? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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