How To Fly With A Baby Without Making Everyone, Including You, Crazy — Series #1


LillyBit 7It’s summer time! Days of fun, luxurious vacations where you go on adventures and check off bucket list destinations. Or maybe you’ll sit by the beach, sip your favorite concoction, and lay back blissfully.

Oh, wait. You have a baby now and those days are long gone! In fact even just the thought of getting to your destination can produce stress for weeks ahead of time. After all, no one wants to be THAT parent on the flight.

Don’t worry! We’ve been there, lived to tell the tale, and are passing on our most valuable tips for flying with a baby. This is our first post in the series. There are so many ways to set yourself up for success and avoid those glares, so be sure to come back for the next post so you don’t miss out on any of them!

Smart Mommy Tip #1

Know What Pieces You Can Bring Along For No Charge (and which you’ll be paying a bundle for)

One thing that’s amazing is that most airlines are very flexible when it comes to allowing you to bring extra items for your baby when you fly. Please check all these items with your airline before the flight so that you’re not left scrambling at the airport if their list doesn’t match ours. In general, however, this is what is and isn’t included in your ticket across the board for airlines.


5004700118_2Diaper Bag — When you’re flying you’ll want a large, well organized diaper bag to make sure you’re taking advantage of that space. Most airlines will not count your diaper bag towards your carry on quota. The Lillybit Diaper Bag has a large opening and several different pouches, a life saver when you’re scrambling with one hand to fish things out on the plane. We recommend putting your wallet and keys into the diaper bag and packing your purse with everything in it into your carry on.

Heavy Duty Fold Up Stroller — this is another item that most airlines will let you bring right up to the plane for no extra fee. Bring the best, biggest one you have as you can place your diaper bag, boppy, & carry on in the space underneath. This is also a great place for your little one to hang out at the gates without getting away right before boarding. When you get to your gate don’t forget to ask for a tag so you can use it up until the last minute and check it at the plane door.

Boppy — another no-extra fee item to bring along for most companies, a nursing pillow is a great idea even if you’re not breastfeeding as it gives a place for you to have your baby sit up against or have tummy time, and also makes for more comfortable naps on the plane.

Carry On —  so now that you know you’ll have a big stroller we recommend bringing a small suitcase for your carry on. When you get to the gate see if you can check it there instead of having to put it into the overhead bin, this will making boarding loads easier!

Car Seats — you are allowed to check car seats for no charge, however, know that they will get thrown around (hard impact similar to a small car crash). Because of this you might want to look into borrowing or renting car seats where you’re going, or purchase inexpensive seats to use just on trips.

Pack n Play — unfortunately this is the one important item that you can NOT check for free. You are allowed to check them for the normal fee amount, but in some cases it might be less expensive to purchase an inexpensive pack n play when you arrive. (Once I purchased a model for $35 when checking it would have been $50) If you will be spending your vacation in a hotel they will have cribs that you can request and use for your stay. If you’ll be staying with family and friends have them ask around to see if you can borrow a pack n play that someone has in storage.

Now that you know what you can and can’t bring along, in the next article we’ll talk about what to put IN all those items to make sure the flight is enjoyable for you, your baby, and everyone on the flight!

Did we miss something or do you know of rules that have changed?? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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