How to Be Knock-Out Gorgeous as a Tired, New Mom

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Let’s face it, you haven’t slept through the night for about three months *prior* to your precious, gorgeous little one’s arrival, and right now you can barely keep clothes clean let alone worry about what the “it” trends are. Then, you finally do make it to work or a play date and see the other new moms who do “have it all together” and look amazing. You feel like doing exactly what your baby does … crying until someone comes and fixes everything!

We totally understand, and we’ve been there too! Trust us, those other moms don’t really have it all together, they’ve just got a few great tricks up their sleeves. Never fear though, beautiful mom, we’re about to help you out!

Ditch the Huge, Ugly Baggage

Life with a baby can feel like you’re carrying a portable circus with you, pop-out tents and all, every day. Add into that the fact that so many baby bags are designed to look, well, also very much like a circus, you can feel more garish than gorgeous touting them around.

The truth is, however, these days there are so many chic design options available that you just might ditch your purse forever when the compliments on your clutch start rolling in. Another truth is that 75% of the time you really don’t need to have “everything but the kitchen sink” with you: a few diapers, wipes, and your essentials (phone, keys, wallet) is it! We recommend putting all of these into a LillyBit Diaper Clutch for trips to the grocery store, well baby visits, etc.

“But what about…..” We can hear the words about to come out of your mouth right now–never fear, we wouldn’t leave you without all those things–a backup outfit truly IS a lifesaver! Keep a fully packed and completely fabulous LillyBit Diaper Bag (it even comes with a cushioned changing pad!) inside of your vehicle. That way if an emergency happens you can just walk out and have access to all you need without breaking your back. These are also perfect for those 25% of the times when you won’t have easy access to your car–and since they’re super light they’re also perfect for those trips to the zoo or overnight somewhere!

Embrace Your Natural Hair

We know how it is, pre-baby if you had curly hair you spent hours making it flat iron smooth, and if you had straight hair you spent hours curling it. You probably also spent hours getting it dyed, then touching up roots, then getting trims for that oh-so-cute pixie cut that you had to go in every two weeks for before it got to that awkward stage.

After baby, well, you know: without the time to fight your hair into submission and with a cut and color that look, errr, not so fabulous when not perfectly styled, this can leave you feeling pretty drab, pretty quickly!

Right now I want you to make peace with your hair: flat, thin, thick, curly–accept that you will accept your REAL hair as it is until your baby is in school. Then make an appointment and talk with your beautician about a low maintenance, low upkeep hairstyle (think–don’t go in for another 6 months) that will make the most of a naturally thin/thick/straight/curly head of hair!

Say Hello to printed pants, flowing dresses, and leggings!

We have some *great* news for you!! Right now super comfy clothes are completely in–and we’re talking feel like jammies clothes! Go out there and buy some printed slacks, light dresses/skirts that don’t wrinkle, and leggings (for those of you where it won’t get hot for a bit). Pair them with loose, flowing tops for a look that is very 2015 and oh-so new mom (body) friendly!

Three Words: 5 Minute Makeup

Whether you work as a stay at home mom or 8-5 in an office (or anywhere or anything in between), we know your time is super limited! That’s why just taking 5 little minutes can make all the difference in the world! There are a huge amount of amazing 5 minute makeup tutorials out there with looks that will hide those dark circles and bring out your best features in no time! Here’s the results for them on Youtube and Pinterest! We challenge you to watch these and then literally set your timer until you master them, you’ll probably end up keeping this habit for the rest of your life!

There you go–if you follow these simple steps you’ll be knock out gorgeous in no time! Did we miss any amazing secrets? Leave us a comment and let us know! Don’t forget to pick up or order your Lilly Bit products if you don’t have one yet for an easy step in the right direction!

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